Young Adult’s Practice Plan

Are you aged 18 – 21? We have a plan just for you. Save money and spread the cost of routine dental care.

What’s Included?

Young Adult's Practice Plan
2 x Dental Health Exams per year
2 x Hyiene Appointments per year
Free emergency appointments
Discount up to 20% on treatments*
Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme
£11.99 per month

*Discounts only on treatment which, in the opinion of the Dentist, is clinically necessary to maintain oral health.

Worldwide Emergency Assistance Scheme

Plan members are eligible to request assistance from the Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme in the event of:

  • A dental trauma
  • A dental emergency away from home in the UK or abroad
  • A diagnosis of oral cancer
  • Redundancy to assist with continuing plan membership costs for up to 12 months

Scheme is discretionary and exclusions apply. Further details can be found here

Scheme is discretionary and exclusions apply. Please contact us for further details

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