Why Consider Dental Treatment Abroad?

Affordability: Often the biggest draw. But remember, it’s not just the procedure you’re paying for – travel and accommodation costs can add up.

Combining Travel with Treatment: It’s a chance to see a new place, but don’t forget you’re there for dental work first.

What to Check Before You Go

Credentials and Reviews: Are the dentists qualified? What are other people saying about them? Are the standards of qualification to the same level as the UK? Is the dentist a member of that country’s regulatory body? Does that country have an independent body that inspects and rates the dental clinics? Do the regulatory bodies in that country have a good history of governing its members to a high standard?

Language: Will you be able to communicate your needs clearly?

Aftercare: How will you manage follow-ups or emergencies once you’re back home? Many dentists refuse to treat patients who are having problems from these treatments.

Legal and Ethical Considerations: Understand your rights in a foreign country in case something doesn’t go as planned.

Financial and Health Considerations

Total Cost Analysis: Factor in everything, not just the dental work. Include remedial work as discussed by a UK dentist.

Insurance: Double-check your policy to see if it covers overseas dental work.

Health Considerations: Remember, you’re going abroad for a medical procedure, so your health should be the top priority.

Different Dental Approaches: Be prepared for possible differences in treatment methods.

Like for like? Is the treatment offered the same standard as the UK? Consider asking your UK dentist to check the treatment plan.

It’s important to do your research and go in with a plan. At Sedgefield Dental, we’re always here to chat through any of your concerns or questions about dental tourism. Don’t hesitate to reach out!